Live Drive

Our cloud platform creates real-time, data-driven videos and posts them directly to your social media

Across Multiple Industries

Live Drive has found success across multiple industries. Our system has produced well over 10,000 automated videos for our clients over 100,000 social media engagements.

Engaging fans online as well as on air has become a new priority for many radio stations across the UK. Live Drive currently produces 6 types of videos from local weather and tides forecasts to live travel alerts. This timely and local content is just what regional radio stations demand.

Every video has space for the station's sponsors logos and message too. Stations have been using this benefit to monetise there social media, meaning live drive has created a totally new revenue source for our clients.

Our Premiership Live Drive service analyses 100s of live data points during every match to tell the story of the game through club-branded bite-sized videos. We’ve devised 15+ video templates covering match events such as Goals, Bookings, Penalties, Shots on Target etc. As well as 1st and 2nd half summaries.

Within seconds of key match events occurring a brand new video is created by Live Drive and posted on the club's social media, web and app. This allows 100,000s of global fans, who are unable to watch or attend the match, to stay up-to-date with the game’s progress through the club’s social media channels.