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We’ve had the pleasure of working for Dorothy and her team on many projects including, audience research, media training, video production, podcast production and marketing.

Licenced Insolvency Practitioner

Looking to rebrand the company and grow to a new level, Even Keel Solutions has embarked on a multipronged approach to increasing customers.

A More Complete Picture

In order to gain a more complete picture of their potential customers we produced what we call an Accelerator Report. Our Accelerator Reports are bespoke pieces of research in which we can provide detailed demographic data and marketing suggestions.This fed directly into a video production campaign with our research concluding that an educational awareness campaign would be most effective. Introducing potential customers to the sometimes-complicated world of insolvency.

Media Training

Ahead of switching the camera on we provided media training so that the company spokesperson delivered an engaging and charismatic performance to camera. This set of video content was used in a social media marketing campaign aimed to generate click-throughs to their website and email subscribers.

A New Website

Monogram Media also undertook the redesign and launch of Even Keel Solutions new website. Adhering closely to the company’s brand guidelines we were able to create a clean and professional new website. Along with the expected company information the website features educational content and email subscriber forms (a component part of their marketing campaign mentioned above)