UkeNited Kingdom

Video Production

Ukulele - An Instrument of the People

With the ukulele no longer a diminutive instrument in the shadows of its bigger brother the guitar, UkeNited Kingdom tells the story of its giant rise in popularity across the country and hears stories from the people whose lives the instrument has touched.

World-renowned virtuosos

Over a year in the making and filmed across the country with world-renowned international virtuosos, the UkeNited Kingdom documentary represents a first of its kind. We hear from players like James Hill, Aldrine Guerrero and Sarah Vox as well as George Hinchcliffe - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Phil Dolman, Zoe Bestel, Ben Rouse, Peter Moss, plus many others.

Ordinary people

The often strange and quirky ukulele world isn’t of course just occupied by brilliant musicians. There are a growing number of ordinary people that come together each week at the 100s of local Ukulele Jams across the country to play and sing. Many have no previous musical experience. The film follows one of the country’s best, the 100-strong Southampton Ukulele Jam as they prepare for their biggest concert yet.